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Paloma is a public limited company with a 150-year tradition in the manufacture and marketing of hygienic paper products in Europe, and a market leader in Southeast Europe. The company is predominantly export oriented. It has an annual capacity of 87,000 tons of hygienic paper, which is processed into toilet paper, paper towels, and tissues. The sales range also includes parent reels. 

Since 2017, Paloma has been part of the international SHP Group based in Bratislava. The SHP Group consists of 4 production sites producing hygienic paper. The Group is predominantly export-oriented and sells its products in 46 countries, with its main markets being Central and Eastern Europe and the DACH countries. The annual production capacity of the whole group is 139,000 tons of hygienic paper. The Group is majority owned by Eco-Investment.


Company profile

Company: Paloma, higienski papirji, d.d.

Abbreviated name: Paloma d.d.

Registered office: Sladki Vrh 1, 2214 Sladki Vrh

Phone: +386 2 645 71 00



Legal organisational form: Public limited company

Registration number: 5034639000

VAT for ID: SI45280312

Entry number in the companies register: 1/00522/00

Date of entry in the companies register: 19. 12. 2000

Core business: Manufacture of household, hygienic and toiletry articles from paper.

Activity code: 17.220; 17.120

Share capital: 11.911.935 €

Number of shares: 7.941.290; no par value shares


Our users are of the utmost importance to us, so we refuse to accept compromises when it comes to the quality and safety of our products. We employ a team of highly qualified experts responsible for controlling the quality of our products and we also commission additional testing in independent laboratories and institutes in order to guarantee the highest possible product quality.

Our products are enhanced by various techniques such as printing on paper and the application of fragrances and extracts. When applying colours and printing patterns on our products, we use dyes that are guaranteed safe for uses involving contact with food and skin. Our scented products are also dermatologically tested. In the case of toilet paper and paper towels, the fragrance is only applied to the inside of the tube, which enables optimal dispersion of the fragrance.

In 2015 users rated our products as innovative. In an independent survey carried out by the Nielsen organisation, our Sensitive Care toilet paper and facial tissues and Super Care paper towels received Product of the Year 2015 certificates, as selected by users.

In 2023, Paloma was recognised by users as a trusted brand, which led to us being awarded the Superbrands Slovenia 2023 title.

We also demonstrate our responsibility towards users through the following international certifications:

ISO 9001: 2008

Paloma obtained ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification in 2000. Obtaining the most recent version of this certification has contributed significantly to the efficient management of processes and achievement of the highest product quality. This has increased the satisfaction of the customers and users of our products.

ISO 14001: 2015

Concern for the natural environment is one of the most important values of Paloma d.d., which harmonized its operations with the requirements of the environmental management system according to the international standard ISO 14001 in 2001. We take full responsibility for environmental impacts. environmental protection in all our operations we are constantly striving to reduce these impacts. Careful use of natural resources and protection of the natural environment is a condition for the long-term existence and quality of life of employees and society as a whole.

ISO 45001:2018

The standard of the occupational safety and health management system was acquired in 2002. Concern for the safety and health of employees is one of the most important tasks in Paloma. A safe and healthy work environment increases employee satisfaction. We motivate employees to take care of their own safety and health at work. They communicate their observations and initiatives to their superiors or top management.


In the production of products, we use recycled fibers, which represent 30% of all raw materials used. As much as 70% of the fibers used in the production of products are FSCÒ and PEFC certified primary fibers that ensure environmentally friendly and socially responsible forest management.


In the production of products, we use recycled fibers, which represent 30% of all raw materials used. As much as 70% of the fibers used in the production of products are FSCÒ and PEFC certified primary fibers that ensure environmentally friendly and socially responsible forest management.


Due to high awareness in the manufacture and sale of our products, in 2013 we obtained the IFS HPC standard, which relates to the assessment of retail and wholesale products for household and personal care. The basis of the standard is to identify the risks to the customer associated with the product and its use.


At Paloma, we are aware of the need to preserve the natural environment for future generations. With the constant introduction of modern technologies, procedures and materials, we take care of reducing the amount of waste and energy consumed. Paloma d.d. was the first company in Slovenia in 2006 to be awarded the Ecolabel by the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning. The label is awarded for products with reduced negative effects on the environment.

Dermatological testing

Paloma is a responsible manufacturer of hygiene products, which also boast a dermatological testing mark. With this sign we prove that the products that come with the mucosa when used are properly controlled and ensure the user's use of skin-friendly products.

Quality, environmental management policy and safety and health at work

We have established, implemented, and maintained the Policy of Quality, Environmental Management and Safety and Health at work, with which we are committed at all levels and functions in the organization together with the top management to:

  • develop products to meet and exceed customer and customer expectations;
  • made employees aware of culture safety and product protection;
  • support the development of a strong product safety culture and appreciate the exemplary approach of each employee in preventing incidents related to the safety of our products.
  • develop, manage and promote a safety culture that supports the operation of the safety and health management system at work
  • ensure environmentally friendly production and thereby ensure the financial and economic stability of the company,
  • meet high environmental standards and high usability criteria with our products and services; environmental signs,
  • fulfill environmental obligations in a systematic way, so that we will improve the effect of environmental management, fulfill compliance obligations and achieve environmental goals,
  • ensure that we will meet all product quality and safety requirements, comply with all legal and other occupational safety and health requirements, and ensure that we comply with environmental regulations,
  • prevented the use of wood or fibers from questionable sources and comply with the requirements of the FSC and PEFC standards,
  • defined, provided and maintained the necessary resources for the establishment, implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of the quality management system, environmental management and safety and health at work,
  • constantly improve the efficiency of processes from the point of view of quality, environment, health and safety at work and product safety and legality of household and personal care products,
  • ensure the dermatological integrity of the products,
  • constantly improve the efficiency of processes from the point of view of quality, environment, safety and health at work, safety and legality of products and household and personal care products,
  • with the "Ravnamo varno" program, continued activities to increase awareness of safety and care for health and the prevention of occupational accidents and environmental pollution,
  • act in accordance with the code of ethics, nurture respect, responsibility and reliability in all relationships, ensure equal opportunities and the protection of human rights and act according to ethical principles,
  • cooperated and consulted with employee representatives.

Our factory

Paloma has a 150-year tradition of production. Production is one of the most important parts of the company. The production process itself consists of several parts:

  • preparation of pulp,
  • production of paper,
  • manufacture of end products.

The aim of the manufacturing process is the uninterrupted supply of markets with Paloma products.

Control of the parent roll
Toilet paper line
Paper machine
Travel towels in the cut


The conditions for AEO can be found on the European Commission's website.



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