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Our colourful napkins will turn even the most ordinary lunch into a joyful affair. And then there are also special occasions and the napkins we keep just for moments like these. Find your favourite napkin designs and use them to decorate your dining table.

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Enjoying the little things that make a meal

A beautifully set table always includes colourful napkins. At Paloma, we dye our napkins with organic colours, and print a variety of traditional and modern patterns on them, which vary according to the seasons, as well as being tailored for different occasions.

Paloma Joy are our most affordable napkins, Paloma Style are classic napkins with a smooth surface and special embossing on the edges, while Paloma Elite napkins feel as if they were made of fabric, which makes them especially suitable for intricate folding.

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Wide range of colors and motifs

A wide selection of colors and motifs is color coordinated with each other, which allows plenty of creativity. Choose more than one napkin and create your perfect placemat.


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