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The best choice for washing windows and all smooth surfaces, as they don’t leave lint, and give the surface a perfect shine.

Paloma Papirnate Brisace

Speciality towels for the hardest of tasks

It is always wise to leave the most difficult tasks to the professionals. In our case, we rely on the Paloma Pro Food and Paloma Pro Window towels. The former specialise in absorbing excess fat, and are also excellent at absorbing all other liquids, while the latter specialise in cleaning smooth surfaces without leaving lint.

Towels from the Paloma Pro line are particularly strong and absorbent, are made of 100% cellulose and have a pull-out sleeve, which means you don’t need a paper towel stand for them.

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  • Number of layers Number of layers
  • Number of sheets Number of sheets
  • Package Package
  • Material Material
    100% certified cellulose
  • Extras Extras
  • Design Design
    Without print
  • Features Features
    For glass surfaces, wipe to a shine without leaving traces
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