A Paloma toilet paper for everyone

For users who demand something more, for larger households, for those who want a little luxury or for those who just want a good price/quality ratio. The Paloma range includes a wide selection of different types of toilet paper. Coloured, patterned, scented, with soothing extracts or pure white with no additives. You will find Paloma toilet papers in our Paloma Deluxe Sensitive,  Deluxe, Exclusive and  Classic  brands.

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The softest toilet paper

Discover the amazing softness and gentleness of the latest Paloma Deluxe Sensitive range. Every touch will pamper you with natural extracts of shea butter or silk. Maximum comfort is guaranteed by incredibly soft fibres of 100% pure cellulose and a quilted pattern that is embossed into the paper in the production phase. 


Fill your toilet with a delicate fragrance

For those who like their toilets to smell pleasant and fresh, we have come up with toilet papers with scented tubes available in a choice of baby powder or green tea fragrances. Application of the fragrance to the tube enables optimal release and freshness that lasts until the roll is finished while at the same time preventing the perfume from coming into contact with the skin. Our scented toilet papers are also dermatologically tested, so as to ensure the maximum dependability for users with sensitive skin or allergies. You will find scented toilet paper in our Paloma Exclusive and Deluxe ranges. 


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