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Laughter, tears, colds, hayfever? Do you want a sensation of total hygiene at every step? Keep soft and gentle Paloma facial tissues always at hand, in your pocket, handbag or briefcase. Paloma's Sensitive Care tissues are ideal for those who like scented tissues – enriched with balsam to help you through the cold and flu season.

Our Paloma Exclusive and Classic brands are perfect for those who prefer a product without additives.

Paloma Junior
tissues, with their attractive playful dragon designs, are aimed at the youngest users and help them develop good hygiene habits from an early age.

Take a look at the whole range, from classic tissues to special editions, with the help of the filter."


Discover the delicate scents of healing plants

A new generation of exceptionally soft and gentle Paloma Sensitive Care facial tissues, specially developed to soothe irritated skin, provide total care and relax the airways.  They are made of 100% natural cellulose fibres, to which we have added soothing extracts of camomile, thyme, lavender and shea butter. The Dermatalogically Tested certificate is a proof of excellence that guarantees you the highest quality and a skin-friendly feel.

For those who prefer tissues without additives

Available in our classic orange or blue packaging. Paloma Classic tissues are an excellent choice when you are looking for the right balance between price and the quality of a recognised brand. During cold and flu season, we recommend the even higher quality of Paloma Exclusive tissues. Four incredibly soft layers of paper made from 100% cellulose guarantee you total dependability and will spare you many inconveniences or unpleasant experiences.

Softness and gentleness throughout the home

Allow us to introduce our new collection of finest-quality Paloma Sensitive Care facial tissues and cosmetic tissues in attractive boxes. They are so soft and absorbent that you should always keep them handy. Thanks to its specially designed opening, the practical box allows you to take a tissue quickly when you most need it. The attractive design of the boxes will enhance every room in the house and they are equally at home in the office. The facial tissue boxes are slightly narrower, for ergonomic reasons. The cosmetic tissues come in elongated boxes that are better suited to slippery and wet surfaces in bathrooms.


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