Paper towels

Choose your favourite Paloma paper towel. Have you spilt something? Are you cooking? Cleaning the windows? Do you have pets in the house? We have developed a special towel for every household situation you can think of. Sometimes one is enough for multiple household chores. Choose from our Paloma Multi Fun, Super Care and Natura ranges.

Use the handy filter and choose the towel that is right for you.


Extra absorbent and super strong towels

What does it mean when you choose the right paper towel? You certainly don't want to have to unroll excessive quantities of kitchen paper when it comes to wiping up spilt liquids. That is why Paloma kitchen towels are designed to be extra absorbent and strong. Both characteristics will come in very handy when you want to transport fruit and vegetable peelings from your kitchen worktop to the organic waste bin, where you can also dispose of the towel. We recommend using one of towel from our Paloma Multi Fun range. If you want a product that will absorb excess fat, then Paloma Super Care Pro Food is the right choice for you.


Packs of two, four or six rolls.

Choose the pack that is right for your household needs. Paloma offers standard packs of two rolls, which are available in different sizes. Or you can also choose family packs of four or six rolls. Find the pack that is right for you in the Paloma Multi Fun or Paloma Super Care range.


Long or short sheets, or somewhere in between

A normal-sized paper towel is perfect for a wide variety of uses. But sometimes you only need half a sheet. That is why Paloma offers kitchen paper with short sheets, for example to use instead of a napkin when eating a snack. For bigger jobs you will also find kitchen paper with sheets that are 4 centimetres longer than usual. Variable sheet sizes you can find in range of Paloma Multi Fun kitchen towels.



White or printed

Paper towels are usually white. From time to time, though, an interesting design can be a fun alternative. The Paloma range includes a wide choice of white paper towels and printed paper towels that can take the place of a napkin at table or a serviette for eating a snack. You will find printed paper towels in our Paloma Multi Fun range.

Even handier

People use paper towels in a variety of ways so we want our products to be as adaptable as possible. For the benefit of users who don't have a paper towel holder or dispenser, we have developed a kitchen roll with an extractable tube that unrolls from the inside out. You can find our kitchen rolls with the extractable tube under our Paloma Super Care brand.


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