High-quality Paloma napkins are available in numerous variants of different qualities and sizes. We even offer pre-folded napkins to help you lay the table more quickly. Small, standard or slightly bigger? You can find everything in our range. Choose from Paloma Elite, Paloma Style and Paloma Joy napkins. Paloma paper napkins are available in various colours and for every colour there is a printed napkin to combine with it. At special times of the year we expand the range with additional Easter, Christmas and New Year's designs.

Use the handy filter and choose your preferred combination of napkins.

Small, medium, large

Our small (24 x 24 cm) napkins are an essential part of afternoon coffee or tea with pastries or a slice of cake. They also come in handy when serving fresh fruit. Find them under our Paloma Style brand.

Our medium-sized napkins (30 x 30 cm and 33 x 33 cm) are the ones that customers are most familiar with. Everyday napkins suitable for all occasions. Ideal at breakfast, lunch and dinner, they can also be used for parties. Find them under our Paloma Style and Paloma Joy brands.

Our large napkins (40 x 40 cm) are perfect for formal events, romantic dinners and important anniversaries. You can also use them when you wish to give your loved ones nothing but the best. Choose your favourite combination of Paloma Elite and Paloma Style napkins.


Folded napkins

Paloma has designed an extensive range of napkins that are pre-folded to one-eighth size – perfect for people who are always short of time. With these napkins your can have a beautifully laid table in moments, even during the working week when you are pressed for time. They are also very useful at events that include catering. You can find pre-folded napkins in a range of designs and colours under our Paloma Elite brand.


A wide choice of colours and designs

Do you prefer napkins with multicoloured designs or those in single colours? Paloma offers a wide range of both kinds. All of them colour-coordinated, to help those who can't make up their minds and who choose more than one napkin for their perfect place setting.

Top-quality materials from Paloma

We make our napkins from 100% PEFC-certified cellulose and carefully select tested organic colours. Although the basis of every napkin is cellulose, we use a range of technical processes to make the different materials we use in our napkins.

The tissue napkins in our Paloma Style range, for example, have a smooth surface and special embossed edges. Our Paloma Joy napkins are also made from tissue material, but the use of bubble embossing creates an interesting structure across the entire surface of the napkin.

The premium Soft & Compact material that we use to make our Paloma Elite napkins can be recognised by the tiny embossed pattern across the entire surface of the napkin. Paloma Elite napkins are therefore soft to the touch and at the same time compact and ideal for folding into a wide range of creations for place settings. These are high-quality paper napkins that can easily take the place of fabric napkins.


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