Participate in the prize competition With love only in BIH

5. 11. 2020

How to participate?

In the prize competition With love only can participate by publishing the original proposal to continue the sentence in the photo of the post under the post on the Facebook page of the organizer The most original proposals will be awarded.

What are the rewards?

The prize fund is:

  • 10 x Umbrella
  • 40 x Cape

Duration of the competition

The prize competition lasts from 5.11. till 12.11.2020.

Individual participants can participate in the prize competition several times a day, but you can only receive the prize once.


Organizer of the prize competition: Paloma d. d., Sladki Vrh 1, 2214 Sladki Vrh.



Paloma d.d.
Sladki Vrh 1
SI - 2214 Sladki Vrh Slovenija
+386 (0)2 6457 100

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