Thomas Reibelt starts his term as the president of the board of Paloma

5. 2. 2018

Paloma continues to maintain high sales results for the fifth consecutive year, as it reached over 85 million euros in sales last year.

(Sladki Vrh, February 2nd, 2018) Supervisory board of Paloma has appointed Thomas Reibelt to be the new president of the board of Paloma, following Tadej Gosak, who has finished his term at the end of January. Thomas Reibelt, who starts his term today, has 30 years of experience in the paper industry, 20 of those in the managing roles, mostly in Germany and Austria. As he took over the new function, he stated “Paloma will continue on it path of being the leading hygiene paper product producer in the region. The owners are committed to long-term development of the business for the community and the customers. My role is to successfully carry out the investments in the production facilities and continue the integration with the SHP group to further improve Paloma’s business results and its customer experience.”


Paloma has successfully finished year 2017, during which it has reached 85,8 million € of total sales that is representing total 67.606 tons of products, 98 tons more than in 2016.

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