The new Paloma Sensitive Care range of toilet paper, with natural extracts for pure softness and quality.


The best from Paloma

It is wonderful to feel pure softness on your skin. It gives you a feeling of security and relaxation. This is one of the best feelings, which guided us in the development of the new Paloma Sensitive Care range of toilet paper. So gentle and caring that every moment becomes a tender dream.



Paloma Sensitive Care extra-soft toilet paper

Discover the amazing softness and gentleness of the new Paloma Sensitive Care range of toilet paper. Every touch will pamper you with natural extracts of almond milk, calendula or silk. Maximum comfort is guaranteed by incredibly soft 100% pure cellulose fibres for trouble-free and dependable use. Paloma Sensitive Care toilet papers are completely natural, contain no colours or artificial fragrances, and have received a DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED certificate as a guarantee of the product's high quality. 

  • dermatologically tested
  • natural extracts
  • 100% cellulose
  • 4-ply for extra dependability

Toilet paper Paloma Sensitive Care Calendula Extract

Natural calendula extract

This 4-ply toilet paper with natural calendula extract offers exceptional softness and gentleness. 


Toilet paper Paloma Sensitive Care Silk Extract

Natural silkworm cocoon extract

Natural silkworm cocoon extract. This 4-ply toilet paper with natural silkworm cocoon extract offers carefree use and a skin-friendly experience. 



Paloma Sensitive Care pocket tissues


A new generation of exceptionally soft and gentle facial tissues, specially developed to soothe irritated skin, provide total care and relax and open the airways.  They are made of natural, carefully selected 100-percent cellulose fibres, to which we have added soothing extracts of camomile, lavender, thyme and menthol. The Dermatalogically Tested certificate is a proof of excellence that guarantees you the highest quality and a skin-friendly feel. 

Paloma Sensitive Care pocket tissues Chamomile Essence

Chamomile extract

Care for sensitive skin with the soft touch of nature in camomile extract.


Paloma Sensitive Care pocket tissues Lavender Essence

The wonderful fragrance of lavender

Spoil your senses with the wonderful rich fragrance of lavender.


Paloma Sensitive Care pocket tissues Thyme Essence

Soothing thyme

Open your airways with the natural help of soothing thyme.


Paloma Sensitive Care pocket tissues Balsam & Menthol Essence

Extracts of menthol

Discover complete care for irritated skin in the magical power of menthol essence.


Paloma Sensitive Care facial tissues and cosmetic tissues


Allow us to introduce our new collection of finest-quality Paloma Sensitive Care facial tissues and cosmetic tissues in attractive boxes. They are so soft and absorbent that you should always keep them handy. Thanks to its specially designed opening, the practical box allows you to take a tissue quickly when you most need it. The attractive design of the boxes will enhance every room in the house and they are equally at home in the office. The facial tissue boxes are slightly narrower, for ergonomic reasons. The cosmetic tissues come in elongated boxes that are better suited to slippery and wet surfaces in bathrooms.


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